What is a Blower Motor and How Do You Properly Maintain It? | Reseaux-Telecoms

Many of you will have heard of a blower motor, but you may
not be sure what it is actually is. Let’s put you right in the picture. A
blower motor can be best described as a component within the HVAC system of your
home. The motor functions by blowing hot air through the vents in your system
to keep your home warm. Similarly, it also blows cold air when you want to keep
your home cool.
Principally, there are two types of blower motors, namely, a
single-speed motor and a variable-speed motor. As the names suggest, a single-speed
blower motor consistent blows air at the same speed time after time. On the
other hand, a variable-speed motor is able to adjust itself to blow air at
varying levels depending on your requirements. Essentially, a blower is vital to
having a comfortable temperature in your home.
Tips for Choosing a Blower Motor

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