The Benefits of a New Smart Thermostat | Reseaux-Telecoms

There are many benefits you can realize by
installing a new smart thermostat for your home HVAC system. Aside from the
programmable features, the ability to control and monitor your home HVAC system
remotely is above and beyond anything your current “dumb” thermostat can offer.
Here are some basic beneficial features you can get from installing a new smart
Saving on your energy bill when
properly set up
Geofencing – this feature
allows you to set a distance from your home through a smartphone app. When you
travel outside of a set (by you) perimeter your thermostat will automatically
go into a “home away” mode. Depending on your setting of the geofencing, your
home HVAC system will shutdown or go into a setback mode.
Alternatively, the geofencing
feature will realize when you return to the inside of the set perimeter...

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