Stories from the Gig Economy Place Emphasis on Hard Work Over Health | Reseaux-Telecoms

The gig economy has been celebrated in many
ways, claiming to offer freedom to workers everywhere. However, there is a
darker side to the gig economy which mustn’t be ignored. As it has grown,
various stories have been upheld as noble examples of a strong work ethic, but
there’s another side to them.
Among the stories is one of a pregnant Lyft
driver who kept working as she went into labor, and even picked up a passenger
on the way to the hospital. Lyft published the story on their company blog,
highlighting it as an exciting story for their customers to enjoy.
To some people, this story might seem like
an amazing example of someone being hardworking and dedicated to their job. The
story can show other potential drivers that they can benefit from flexibility
and an easy way to find work when they become a Lyft driver. The driver,...

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