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For those of us who
like to travel on a one-way ticket, it is essential you get proof of onward
travel, otherwise you won’t be able to board your flight. You don’t necessarily
need to buy a return ticket to the destination you are leaving from. To help
you out in this situation, here are a few (legal) ways to get proof of onward
travel in a cost-effective way.
Buy A Refundable Ticket
Buying a refundable
ticket to attain proof of onward travel is a good idea, but you may need to
wait many months in order to get a refund. The only way to do this is to book
the return ticket before you depart, otherwise, it will not be possible.
Once you have arrived
at your destination, you can then go ahead and cancel the return ticket that
you have booked. Then, keep an eye on the refund. Some airlines are more strict
than others, and sometimes you...

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