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Without a doubt, in vitro fertilization
(IVF) remains one of the most expensive infertility treatments available. It
can get even more expensive if a surrogate is involved. Considering that a
round of IVF can cost at least $8,000-$12,000 when you include the costs of
medications, you might be wondering how to afford IVF. If so, you’re not alone. The
cost of the treatment may be so high for some people that the treatment isn’t an option.
Given that you might need three or more
round of IVF to have a baby, IVF costs could be more than $36,000. Take heart,
though, because with some forethought, creativity, and diligence, you can
figure out how to afford IVF and then move on to planning for your family. Many
people make the decision to go with the treatment and figure out how to afford
IVF later – just because for some, IVF provides the only...

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