2 Comedians You Should Watch on YouTube This Week | Reseaux-Telecoms

We all love to laugh. In today’s hectic world, a
little comic relief is a welcome blessing for most people. After all, it is
impossible to feel like your day is going badly while you’re clutching your
belly from laughing so hard.
Comedy is a bit of a cure-all. It is truly one of
the great gifts of life, and people’s lives are improved and enriched because
of it. In fact, I believe that comedy has the power to not only change people’s
lives, but to change the world.
But all loftiness aside, great comedians
undeniably have the ability to make you forget about your troubles, stresses,
and worries. Under their spell you become completely immersed in an alternate
reality, and taken on a ride engineered inside the mind of the comedian. I’m
not saying comedians are sorcerors, but I am saying I’ve never seen sorcerors
and comedians in...

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